Algarve Villas

Eastern Algarve

Warm seas, idyllic island beaches and stretches of sand-dunes make the Eastern Algarve feel quite different to the more rugged West.

This region of The Algarve is ideal as a relaxing holiday destination. Enjoy a slower pace and explore at your leisure. The rural feel of Sao Bras, with its countryside position just a little inland at the foot of the hills, is echoed by the Ria Formosa, a designated national park which is comprised of a number of connecting islands. A stopping place for 30,000 species of birds during the migratory periods makes this a popular area for nature lovers.

Eastern Algarve Heritage

There is a real mix of old and new here, illustrated perfectly by the lovely town of Sao Bras. A heritage in corkmaking has left its legacy here with an abundance of craft shops, while grand merchant houses from the wealthy past sit alongside more contemporary white Algarvean buildings. Tavira too, displays its heritage proudly. Considered by many to be one of the most scenic towns in the Algarve, it combines cobbled streets with traditional Portuguese architecture and stunning beaches: perfect for those who like to explore. Estoi meanwhile, features one of Algarve’s finest 19th century Rococo style Palaces, the Palacio de Estoi, recently restored and converted into a luxury hotel.

Nearby is the Roman villa of Milreu, with some of the best preserved Roman remains in the region.

Eastern Algarve


It is the expanse of stunning white beaches that welcome visitors back to the Eastern Algarve again and again. With over 7km of sandy shoreline, a very mild climate and wonderfully warm seas, this is a sun-seeker’s paradise. Bring your books and simply switch off! The main beach is the Praia de Tavira, connected to the town by a ferry. Further along the coastline are the Praia do Barril and Praiade Terra Estreita beaches, which are more quiet. Snorkelling is popular in the region, thanks to the clear waters and range of species of fish.

  • 01. Barril
  • 02. Tavira
  • 03. Mote Gordo
  • 04. Altura
  • Barril

    This beach is accessed by a walk or train journey through the Ria Formosa scrubland. Once past the area of cafés, you find yourself in stretches of dunes, wild grasses and the sea. Stunning.

  • Tavira

    This is a livelier beach, particularly popular with families thanks to the large number of restaurants and campsites. Take a short ferry to the island from Tavira town.

  • Mote Gordo

    This is a very long, very deep beach with cafés, ice creams and a number of shops selling beach products. It gets quite busy in the summer.

    Mote Gordo
  • Altura

    With fantastic facilities including pedaloes and a very popular family restaurant, this lovely beach is well worth a visit during your villa holiday on the Eastern Algarve.



This is definitely an area to unwind, relax and enjoy the local culture. Cabanas de Tavira offers a number of bars along the main promenade while Olhao, the major port in the region, offers market halls, fantastic pavement cafes and gardens in the town centre. Estoi also offers a taste of The real Algarve – lots of pavement cafes and people relaxing give it a wonderful open area atmosphere of quiet and calm.

  • 01. Cabanas
  • 02. Santa Luzia
  • 03. Tavira
  • 04. Olhao
  • Cabanas

    The village takes its name from the huts (cabanas) that were erected for fishermen in the early 18
    th Century. This is still a fishing village and even though tourism is evident, it remains characterful and relaxing.

  • Santa Luzia

    A picturesque fishing village, Santa Luzia is very close to Tavira. A sleepy harbour comes alive in the morning when the first catch comes in (this is the Octopus capital of The Algarve!) and as such, there are some stunning restaurants here.

    Santa Luzia
  • Tavira

    This is a very attractive town, with a market building and riverside spot full of outdoor cafes. The original Moorish castle is well worth a visit.

  • Olhao

    This is the largest fishing port in The Algarve. With two market buildings on the waterfront and an array of pavement cafes as well as stunning old merchant’s buildings, there is a wealth of sightseeing here.