3 Must-Visit Michelin Star Restaurants on the Algarve

Portugal’s reputation as a foodie destination is increasing year on year and with such an abundance of fresh ingredients and quality produce, from both the land and sea, some of Europe’s most talented chefs are now making the move to the country to improve their culinary skills. Portuguese wines are becoming more recognised for their quality and seafood is becoming a more popular choice for diners, which is only adding to the success of the Portuguese food scene. 


The Algarve is famous for its fresh seafood and local delicacies, so it is no surprise that there are 6 Michelin star restaurants on the Algarve alone. In these award-winning restaurants, you’ll find dishes and service like nowhere else in the world, thanks to the best chefs in the country offering their skills and passion. If you are planning a holiday to the Algarve and want to experience fine dining during your stay, then here are 3 must-visit Michelin star restaurants you should visit. 


Vila Joya, Galé

Located in the Vila Joya hotel in Galé, this restaurant holds two Michelin Star thanks to head chef Dieter Koschina. Dubbed as a “gastronomic paradise by the sea” this world-renowned restaurant offers classic European dishes but with a modern twist. The Vila Joya restaurant is perhaps the best Michelin Star restaurant on the Algarve and exudes both style and luxury.

With a beautiful view across the Atlantic ocean, the decor of Vila Joya provides diners with a subdued and relaxed dining experience. With dishes such as smoked Norwegian salmon with caviar, potato gnocchi with tomato broth and octopus and mascarpone cream with cardamom coffee ice cream and pear, you’re truly in for a taste sensation with a visit to Vila Joya. 


Ocean Restaurant, Lagoa

The Ocean Restaurant is another highly recommended Michelin Star restaurant on the Algarve, earning two Michelin Stars in eight years. Inspired by the sea, the menu changes on a monthly basis and includes tasting dishes such as red mullet, oysters, violet prawns and Atlantic sole. Fresh fish and seafood is selected from the Algarve coast on a daily basis and is paired with local products and fresh herbs from further inland. The Ocean Restaurant is paired with another resort in Alentejo which produces quality olive oil, organic fruit and vegetables and award-winning wine. 

The Ocean Restaurant can seat 30 tables, which creates a feeling of exclusivity and luxury, but tables need to be booked well in advance to ensure that you secure a table. This layout means that every diner enjoys individual and unique service and that true fine dining is maintained during each and every service. If you’re looking for a true luxury dining experience during your holiday, then a visit to Ocean Restaurant is highly recommended. 


Gusto by Heinz Beck, Quinta do Lago 

If you want to taste top-quality Mediterranean cuisine during your stay on the Algarve, then Gusto by Heinz Beck is the place to go. Located in the Conrad Algarve hotel, this restaurant boasts a team of connoisseurs in fine dining and wine, so it isn’t surprising that the hotel has earned a Michelin Star in recent years. This restaurant is unique in that all the tables are facing the open kitchen, meaning that you can see the chefs cooking and preparing your dishes whilst you wait. The chefs create seasonal menus involving innovative Mediterranean cuisine and take full advantage of the local fish, fresh fruit and vegetables and oils. 

Seafood is a strong feature, as is the best meat and game that the Algarve has to offer, but everything is crafted in style, whether its the addition of lobster medallions on top of a bed of couscous, a duck breast paired with fresh persimmon or a veal tenderloin infused with jasmine tea. The restaurant is sleek and stylish, which is to be expected in the Conrad Algarve hotel, but is also very welcoming, which is perfect if a visit to a Michelin Star restaurant on the Algarve is your first step into Michelin dining.