5 Best Beaches In The Algarve For Surfing

Some of the best beaches in the Algarve for surfing stretch right across the region, being a prime destination along the coast for the thrill seekers of the water. Considering the beaches are available on the South East right through to the South West, they can offer different types of waves for every surfer with the majority of the beaches found on the South West corner. Here is a selection of the best the Algarve has to offer for surfers.


Arrifana Beach


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Arrifana beach offers an ideal wave that anyone can tackle. The crescent-shaped waves provide a stable right hand even when the waves appear fairly large. Location-wise, when you’re not surfing it can also offer a great place to hang about and relax. The beach does tend to get rather crowded, especially when there’s a good amount of swell. On occasions, the waves can offer a bit of inconsistency with the tides, but when they speed up on a lower tide they can offer a great wave.


Amado Beach


Amado is another one to add to the collection of best beaches in the Algarve for surfing. It offers a variety of surfing conditions on the waves, with both left and running waves. This makes it good for both goofy and natural footed surfers. A great perk of Amado Beach provides consistent surfer conditions all year round because of the protection it receives from the North West winds as well as being open to the Atlantic swells. Surf schools are located further out than the location of the beach as it’s based in a protected area where no renovation is permitted.


Castelejo Beach


Located 12km north of Sagres, Castelejo beach provides great views along with the consistent swells. As the beach faces west, they occur all year round but can be affected with westerly winds. It’s particularly useful for amateur surfers during the Summer months because of the small Atlantic swells that it can catch. During the autumn period, the waves can be amazing to catch if the winds right and the sandbars form correctly. They have the potential to form all over the beach, allowing you to catch waves throughout.




Zavial is known as one of the best beaches in the Algarve for Southern Portuguese waves. The offshore winds that it catches make the waves quick and can even make the smallest of swells rise up. As it’s not exposed to west winds, it can make it great for beginners and intermediates who can catch small swells. Away from the surfing, it’s also a great beach to relax and enjoy the views.


Tonel Beach


Located close to the Sagres town centre, Tonel beach is great for beginners and intermediates. The waves can vary but remain fairly consistent all year round. Especially in the winter months, the swells can be extremely large when they hit the waves, making it truly breathtaking. Protection from the north wind means the waves offer ideal conditions for both left and right-handers. After your surfing adventures, Sagres city centre offers great bars and restaurants to relax and tuck into some Portuguese cuisine, making it truly one of the best beaches in the Algarve for surfing.


The Algarve for most is seen as a relaxing holiday destination, but it also offers great surfing spots, some of the best in Europe. There’s a beach ideal for any skilled surfer and there are plenty of surf schools and camps that offer lessons and equipment for all.

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man riding wave on surf board in front of sunset