Popular Albufeira Restaurants With A View

Tucking into sumptuous food whilst looking over a scenic coastline sounds delightful, and it’s something that could easily be accomplished when visiting your favourite Albufeira restaurants. The coastal city offers holiday goers a chance to gauge a taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle whilst eating some of the finest cuisines that the Algarve has to offer. All whilst taking in a beautiful view. If it’s something that you’re into, there’s plenty of choice available.


Iguana Cafe


Very popular for both locals and tourists, the Iguana Cafe boasts a layered deck that looks over a stunning coastline. In some days, the view can even stretch to see Faro. The cafe mainly specialises in more snacks and light meals, but the taste of all the meals still leave visitors taste buds tingling. Check with the restaurant they’re opening times as sometimes, it can open later than advertised. Then kick back, relax and enjoy the view.


Vila Joya


Translated as the ‘House of Joy’, Vila Joya was originally opened in 1982 and run by the daughter of the family who purchased the property. It specialises in providing the best seafood taken from the coast of the Algarve with a variety of dishes on the menu including fusions of French, German and Asian. The source of the magnificent view comes from open air terrace located on the higher floor of the restaurant in this 2 star Michelin Albufeira restaurant.


Castelo Do Mar


The outdoor decking area of the Castelo Do Mar is one of the finest that the Albufeira restaurants have to offer. Both a bar and restaurant, it prides itself in obtaining great reviews for their culinary flair. Not only do you get great food, but the comfy chairs also face a brilliant view of the Algarve coastline to compliment the divine culinary on offer. Best of all, the restaurant offers live entertainment during the evenings so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.




Evaristo is based on the golden sands and has been running since 1986. Over time, they’ve developed a reputation for providing first class dining. Whether it’s some succulent oysters or some of the freshest lobster available, fresh seafood lies in the heart of the menu of this Albufeira restaurant. The luxury doesn’t stop there either. Visitors can also benefit from lounging on a sunbed either before or after their meal so you’re able to take in the sights of the crystal clear waters that accompany the white sandy beach.


Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a close friend gathering, an evening spent at one of these Albufeira restaurants is sure to satisfy your taste buds as well as your eyes as you take in the incredible views that they offer.


cafe overlooking sunset on the beach