Where To Go In Algarve For Nightlife

Where to go in Algarve can be a bit of a conundrum, mainly because there’s more to it than just golden beaches and delicious restaurants. Not only does it offer year-round sun and sea but the nightlife is around the island is just as inviting. Partying by the beach as well as buzzing bars and clubs are just some of what the Algarve has to offer for them warm evenings where you’re looking for a bit of excitement. Here is where to go in Algarve where you’re looking for an evening of plenty of dancing and listening to music until the early hours.


Liquid Lounge – Algarve


Liquid Lounge pretty much combines everything you want from an evening rooftop bar, providing a beautiful sunset combined with sea views that stretch for miles. It’s open to all hotel guests and the public who can enjoy signature cocktails created spontaneously by the bar staff as well as some of your popular favourites. The bar owner, Kiko Perricoli, has a few bars across the island so knows a thing or two about cocktail making.


Aperitivio Bar – Faro


If you’re wondering where to go in Algarve for some cool drinks and spot for chatting and socialising, the Aperitivio Bar in Baixa of Faro might be top spot for you. It offers both food and drink which means it’s a great place to spend hours to enjoy the company of your friends and family. The food is known to really wet your appetite, offering fresh bread, local cheese and seafood right from the docks.


Mood Tavira – Eastern Algarve


You’re looking for where to go in Algarve, but are unsure about what to do for your weekend night. How about trying MOOD Tavira? A unique nightclub that offers a lounge, music and even bowling alley. The large dancefloor gives you plenty of space for you to bust a move or you can make the most of the lounge which is a great spot to socialise with the group. If you’re ever looking to do something different, the bowling alley is a great alternative.


Agua Moments – Vilamoura


Across the Vilamoura Marina is a stretch of restaurants and nightlife places to visit. Along the way, you’ll also come across Agua Moments, a mix of a lounge and dance club that is slowly becoming one of the best spots to go for Algarve nightlife. During the day, it offers a great cafe and first-floor restaurant but it’s the nightlife part of the hangout that becomes really popular. It becomes a trendy bar that hosts locals and tourists alike. DJ’s and live bands are also provided who play right into the early hours of the morning.


This list should make your decision on where to go in Algarve a little easier for the evenings spent on the island. The great variety of places that it offers means you’re never to go an evening without having something to do.