What are the Best Places To Visit In Portugal?

Portugal is one of the most popular destinations for travellers across the world. Located on the western coast of the Iberian Peninsula, the country is home to beautiful weather, affordability and fantastic attractions.

It’s a place that may just surprise you with its range of diverse destinations including traditional farmland, long stretches of coastline and array of vineyards. It has plenty of attractions to choose from, providing a variety of destinations to cater to everyone. For those who are considering this holiday hotspot for their next escape, here’s an overview of the best places to visit in Portugal.





Due to its scenic canals and breathtaking setting, Aveiro is commonly known as the “Venice of Portugal”. It’s connected with bridges where speedboats and gondolas pass over, all surrounded by beautiful sites and vibrant architecture. It’s also complemented with long stretches of beaches and succulent food making it a popular tourist destination for those visiting Portugal.

For sightseeing, you can check out the Mosteiro de Jesus Church which is a prized monument of culture in this city. Alternatively, enjoy a spot of shopping with a difference at the Forum Aviero, a mall that overlooks the canal.

This is most definitely one of the best places to visit in Portugal if you enjoy soaking up the local history and culture when you’re on holiday.

The canal in Aveiro


The busy city of Porto is based in the northern region of Portugal. Well-known for its port wine production and visiting tourist to the heart of the Ribeira, it’s the perfect city break. The centre provides live music, cafes and restaurants, creating a buzzing atmosphere across the Douro River.

Consistent throughout Portugal, there are the traditional tourist attractions like the Sao Francisco Church and Sarralves Church. If you enjoy vibrant destinations filled with laughter, food and drink, then this could be one of the best places to visit in Portugal for you.

The coast of Porto in Portugal


The Algarve is a sought-after area in Portugal thanks to the gorgeous beaches and beautifully sunny climate. The picturesque settings through the small towns and historical sites make this an attractive tourist destination to visit. Brimming with stunning scenery and dreamy landscapes, it’s the perfect peaceful place to get away from your busy lifestyle.

On the other hand, if it’s more of a lively scene that you like, then Lagos is great to indulge in the nightlife that Portugal has to offer. With its streets filled with bars and clubs, visitors flock from around the world to get a taste of Lagos’ party strip.

When you’re all partied out, head back to one of the gorgeous Algarve villas in the area.

A beach in the Algarve


Sintra is an alluring resort town just outside of Lagos. This idyllic slice of Portugal is paradise for those history loving tourists. With its charming cobbled streets and awe-inspiring views, it’s often a favourite with those looking for something a little different. Not only is this delightful town rich in culture, but there are also some stunning remote beaches to discover for sunbathing enthusiasts.

In terms of sight-seeing, you’re spoilt in this enchanting city. One of the most famous landmarks is the National Palace of Pena, a brightly coloured castle that sits on top of a hill in the Sintra mountains. It’s also surrounded by parkland (200 hectares to be precise) that’s begging to be explored, from the perfectly manicured hedges to the spooky, hidden paths.

The castle in Sintra


Formerly a fishing village, Carvoeiro has turned into quite the must-see destination over the past few years. This humble town on the coast of the Algarve has plenty to offer tourists looking for a relaxing holiday. There are a number of small “hidden” beaches dotted along the coast, many of which can only be accessed by swimming or boat. To discover more of the area, take a boat tour to the famous Bengali caves, a natural wonder.

If you want to see more of the surrounding area, this sweet town is only a short drive from the rest of the Algarve, including the larger beaches of Marina Portimão and Ferragudo. With its tranquil, quaint setting, Carvoeiro is the perfect place for couples or families.

The beach in Carvoeiro


For an ideal city break, the capital of Lisbon consists of steep hills and tall, high-rise buildings to complement the warm weather. If you think you’ll struggle to get around, then Lisbon’s famous vintage tram transport system that weaves around historic tourist attractions and gardens makes for easier travel. Route 28 is particularly popular with visitors because it takes you up steep, cobbled roads and into the old Alfama district. Due to its capital status and impressive architectural setting, it’s no wonder Lisbon is known as one of the best places to visit in Portugal.

A tram in Lisbon on the cobbled streets

Where Are You Headed?

These are just a few examples of the best places to visit in Portugal. Each destination in the country provides something different for all holiday preferences. Take advantage of what it has to offer and explore a range of places that are sure to cater to your needs.

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