Brexit and Holidays: 5 Things You Need To Know

Europe continues to be the number one holiday destination for UK tourists, with the UK making over 58 million trips abroad per year. With the fate of Brexit still very much undecided, a lot of people, particularly those who have booked their holidays far in advance, are worried about the impact which Brexit may have on their travel plans. 

Whilst the European Union (EU) and UK Government have both said that people will still be able to travel to and from EU countries following Brexit, naturally, many holidaymakers still have some questions when it comes to Brexit and holidays, whether it’s due to their holiday destination or travel plans. The situation continues to change and evolve, so here are 5 things you need to know in preparation for your holiday. 


Travelling Before 31st January 2020 

With the UK Government proposing a new Brexit date of the 31st January 2020, all travel before this date means that any existing travel arrangements will still be in place, as the UK is still a member of the EU. For example, you can continue to use EU/EEA passport gates at the airport and you will still have access to state medical care within any EU country. If your travel plans see you depart the UK before the 31st January 2020, but you won’t be returning until after this date, then you may need to take further precautions. 


Travelling after 31st January 2020

If the UK government agrees on the Withdrawal Agreement before the 31st January, then the UK will enter a transition period, where everything will stay the same until the end of December 2020. Should the Government decide on a no-deal Brexit, then UK holidaymakers and travellers have been given reassurance that they will still be able to travel, as there will either be a contingency legislation in place, or the holiday and travel services will be covered by various international laws.

Tackling Brexit and holidays may seem stressful in the current climate, but with a little planning and preparation, there is no reason why your holiday should be disrupted in any way. 

If the UK does decide to leave the EU without a deal, then there will be some changes and you will need to take some action in advance of your trip so that you can continue with your trip as planned. 


Travel Plans Post brexit

If a deal is agreed, then everything will remain the same until December 2020, meaning that your travel and accommodation plans won’t change. In a no-deal situation, the European Commission announced that UK airlines will still be able to operate between the UK and EU under contingency legislation and the UK Government has offered similar protection for EU airlines. Cruise ships and ferries will still sail as the majority of rules under which they operate are international, rather than EU, and coaches will still be able to travel to and from the EU as usual. 


Brexit / european Travel Insurance

No matter the outcome, it is recommended that wherever and whenever you travel, you have adequate travel insurance which covers all of your specific needs, such as activities you have planned or known medical conditions. It is also worth checking the details of your policy surrounding travel disruptions, such as cancellations and delays, as these policies can vary. Brexit and holiday plans shouldn’t mean that you pay more for your travel insurance, so always check what it is that you are paying for.  This includes health insurance aswell to make sure you’re covered in all aspects. 


Passports pre AND POST BREXIT

You must check your passport expiration date before you travel. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, then the UK Government has recommended that you have at least six months left on your passport from the date when you arrive in an EU country, but this is only recommended if you are travelling after the date which the UK leaves the EU. The UK Government has published a tool where you can check the validity of your passport under current guidelines. 

If you still have questions regarding Brexit and holidays, or have any concerns regarding your villa booking, then please get in touch with a member of The Real Algarve team for travel advice today.