Why You Should Consider A Long Term Vacation On The Algarve

Algarve is one of the most popular destinations for holiday goers, filled with golden crisp beaches, lush cuisine and great accommodation to suit every person needs. It’s all you need for the perfect holiday getaway and is a great choice for a 1-week vacation away from home. But, there’s more to it than what you might know, which makes it a reason why you should also consider a long-term vacation on the Algarve too.


Reasons to take A Long-Term Vacation on the Algarve:


Flight Times

Based in Europe, Algarve is just a stone throw away from the UK which means flight times aren’t long and strenuous. Holidaymakers are able to reach their destination in around 3 hours time, which means there’s no need to suffer from jetlag and more time can be spent making the most of the Algarve delights, hopping straight off the plane and heading right to it. There are also several airlines that offer the service to fly to Faro Airport, which means there’s less stress over finding an adequate flight time.


Longer stay holidays tend to mean the longer you stay, the higher the price. However, the Algarve continues to remain as one of the most affordable destinations in the region. Although the vote of Brexit may have concerned many considering the Algarve is based in Europe, the prices continue to be inexpensive, even for a longer stay.



Let’s face it, the weather in the UK is far too inconsistent and just when we think we might get a sustained amount of sunshine for the week, the rain strikes again. That’s not a problem in the Algarve. Portugal is known as one of the sunniest countries in the world, hitting 30 degrees weather in parts of the Summer season. Even in the Autumn season, there’s good temperatures and sun daily. If there’s an opportunity to get away from the dull, cloudy weather then you’ll have no better destination than the Algarve.



One of the many reasons to take a long-term vacation on the Algarve is the gold, sandy beaches that it possesses. It’s the ultimate relaxing getaway for those who are looking to escape from the busy work lifestyle. Coastal areas offer great views and settings whilst you relax on the beach side, which means you can indulge in sunny scenery for longer.



The benefit of living in a sunny, European destination means there is plenty of choice for your accommodation preferences. Although a hotel can provide you with the essentials to get you by, the Algarve has more to offer with their villa accommodation, making you feel more at home during your long stay. There are additional features that can be included with your accommodation, including maid services, a safe and even carports.


If you weren’t sure why you should consider a long-term vacation on the Algarve, the points above are sure to provide plenty of reason to contemplate it. From watersports to exploring the local markets, there’s so much to do, the thought of a long stay may not even seem long enough. For information regarding our outstanding range of properties in the Algarve, don’t hesitate to contact us

algarve sunset with sun loungers