How to Make the Most Of The Algarve Winter Sun

Many tourists choose to go on a winter getaway for numerous different reasons, whether it be the lower prices, fewer tourists or just to get away from the cold weather for a while, winter holidays are becoming increasingly more popular for many holidaymakers. The Algarve, in particular, has seen a huge boom in the number of tourists making the most out of the Algarve winter sun, so if you are debating whether to get away before Christmas or even for a New Year break, then here are some tips as to how you can make the most out of the Algarve in the winter. 


Algarve Winter Sun: What To Know


What’s The Weather Like In The Algarve During The Winter? 

The weather in the Algarve during November and December is best described as being mild, but slightly unpredictable. There is an equal chance of having bright sunshine and overcast cloud and, unlike the height of the summer, there is a chance that it may rain during the day. 


Typically, the maximum temperature in the daytime reaches 16-18ºc, which is warm enough to wear t-shirts and shorts, but likely not hot enough to be sunbathing on the beach all day. If you want to make the most of the Algarve winter sun, then it is always best to go sightseeing and exploring during the day and adding one or two extra layers in the evening if you plan on going out for dinner or a few drinks. 


Why You Should Visit The Algarve In The Winter

Many people wonder why bother going away, especially if the weather isn’t guaranteed to be as good as it is during the winter months, but the Algarve, in particular, offers great value for money during the winter months and there is plenty still going on in the popular tourist areas to make it a very enjoyable holiday. Sure, the Algarve winter sun isn’t as bright or hot as it is in the summer, but you will still have a great holiday. 


You’ll find flight prices are cheaper during these months, meaning that you can spend some more on luxurious accommodation, including our stunning villas. You’ll find that as you’re not visiting in the height of the tourist season, restaurants and bars a slightly cheaper and there are better deals on attractions and day-trips. 


Tips And Tricks For Making The Most Of The Algarve Winter Sun

If you are planning on going to the Algarve in the winter, then there are some tips and tricks which may make your trip slightly more enjoyable or comfortable. If you’re renting a villa or private accommodation and it has the pool, be sure to ask if it can be heated during your stay. This might incur a cost, but it will be worth it if it means that you can comfortably use the pool. 


The same goes for your accommodation and it is always worth asking if the air conditioning unit is also heating – Algarve nights can get a little chilly in the winter! As with all sun exposure, make sure that you are using adequate sun protection. Even if it is cloudy or cool, it doesn’t mean that the UV rays can’t cause skin damage.

Algarve winter sunset with sun setting between two rocks on the beach