Is the Algarve Suitable for the School Holidays?

It’s true that when you think of the Algarve, you suddenly find yourself dreaming up golden sands, stunning sunsets, crystal blue waters and decadent dinners, but little ones needn’t miss out on all the fun. There are so many things for families to do and the Algarve should always make the cut when considering where to book for the school holidays. 


Make a splash at one of the many waterparks

Grab the inflatables and head over to one of the many waterparks available. Spend a day at Aquashow Park, which is loved by kids and adults alike. Regarded as one of the most complete water and thematic parks in Portugal, it has a fantastic variety of slides, that are perfect for all ages. The 32-metre high free fall is one of the highlights and makes for a thrilling aquatic experience. Little ones can play in the safety of their own mini-park world, where the water is shallow and there are lots of floating toys to enjoy.

The park is conveniently located near Algarve’s sunny beaches of Quarteira and Vilamoura, so a lovely spot to wind down after hours of fun. 


Meet the dolphins and explore the wonders of the sea

Hop aboard your boat and sail over to see the dolphins and other marine life whilst marvelling at the stunning views of the Algarve coast. 

Families can enjoy an amazing encounter with dolphins in their natural habitat and take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see them socialising and interacting and feed them up close. Kids can learn so much from the friendly crew about the unique habits of these gentle and highly intelligent sea creatures. 


Discover hidden caves in a kayaking adventure

Strap on a lifejacket and get ready for a day of thrill and mystery. After a full briefing, you can sail and explore hidden caves, bobbing coves and magical landscapes.

When you spot an area that’s too good to miss, take a break and have some free time exploring the caves and shores. Have lunch on a quiet beach, or take some time to reflect and collect some souvenirs before paddling back to your starting point. 


Lots of family dining options

The Algarve has no shortage of restaurants, cafes and eateries that are more than accommodating when it comes to family or younger diners. 

Enjoy local cuisine or opt for something more familiar, there is something to suit everyone, so don’t be discouraged in dining out. We recommended checking specific restaurants prior to making your booking, to ensure that your dining experience meets your needs. 

Our bespoke concierge service can make recommendations, and reservations and go above and beyond to make any experience goes as smoothly as possible.


Go Wild, and visit a Zoo or Nature Park

The Algarve has an array of wildlife that calls it home, including migrating birds, tropical marine life and cute otters.

Take a stroll to Krazy World Interactive Zoo, which is packed full of fun and activities for the entire family to enjoy. Learn more about different animals and get up close and personal feeding dwarf goats, llamas, and deer at the petting farm.  

For prehistoric fans, discover the dinosaur exhibit at the Terra Exotika and make some slippery friends seeing the biggest snakes in Europe at the Reptile Pavillion. Keeping the kids refreshed during your visit is easy at the onsite cafe and restaurant.


Grab a bucket and spade and let’s go

Booking a trip for the school holidays is easy with The Real Algarve. When you choose to stay at one of our stunning, family-friendly villas, we can also provide you with an additional concierge service, where you can make reservations, book activities, and so much more. This is ideal when your hands are busy as it takes the stress off making sure you have plans to keep the kids entertained. 

If you need any assistance planning any detail of your Algarve visit, whether it’s waterpark recommendations, suitable restaurants for children, or beaches with amenities nearby, please get in touch with one of our family-focused experts today. 


family smiling on a beach