Popular Algarve Excursions For The Family

The Algarve isn’t just any ordinary holiday destination for the family. As it’s based on the coast of Portugal if offers extraordinary Algarve excursions that’s suitable to family, groups of friends and even just a couple looking to add a bit of excitement to their holiday. For families, in particular, it can offer something that’s intriguing for everyone and can offer something different to your standard lounge by the pool day. For the perfect holiday, here are a few suggestions for excursions you can try.


2-hour Boat Tour In the Benagli Caves


Starting out in either Portimao or Albufeira, the 2-hour boat ride covers one of the most exotic beaches in the world and leads to the spectacular Benagli Sea Cave. For fishing enthusiasts, along the way you pass the fishing village of Ferragudo, which is home to the famous Ferragudo Castle and also pass by the fort of Santa Catarina whilst taking in the long stretch of Algarve coastline. Considering you can only reach the cave via boat, this is definitely of the Algarve excursions that are highly recommended.


Cave Cruise With Dolphin Watching


As well as scenic coastlines, the Algarve is home to some of the most loved animals in the world: dolphins. During the 2.5 hour cave cruise, you’ll be able to see the dolphins up close and personal as they thrash through the crystal clear waters. It’s an extremely enjoyable experience for children in particular. Other sea creatures you may come across will include sea turtles, sharks and whales. The cruise then continues towards the Albufeira and Carvoeiro beach which boasts some of the most eye-watering views of caves.


Ria Formosa – 4 Island Catamaran Tour


By sailing a modern catamaran, this is one of the Algarve excursions where you’ll be able to explore the iconic Ria Formosa Natual Park which covers a 4-hour long trip. During the sail, you have the opportunity to see incredible islands such as Armona, Farol and Culatra. Through the canals of Ria Formosa, there’s even the chance to try a bit of swimming. The excursion starts off in Faro and holds up to 12 passengers per trip, making it a unique experience for those who decide to take it.


Jeep Safari


If your family really want to get out and about with of the thrilling Algarve excursions, there is the option of doing a half-day Jeep Safari. The Safari comes with an expert tour guide who takes you round to explore villages, castles and sensational waterfalls. Along the way, you also get the opportunity to do firewater tasting! Sweet honey liquor called Medronho which is produced from the local farms in the picturesque Portuguese countryside.


Kayak Cave Explorer Tour


For an exciting way to explore the unique caves that the Algarve has to offer, why not try the kayak cave explorer tour which offers the chance to do snorkelling in the deep waters of Ponta da Piedade too. Travelling by kayak you’ll be able to get close to the crystal clear waters that surround the rock formations. Accompanied by a guide, you’ll learn about the history of the rocks and the fossils that have been carved in them for many years. It’s truly a unique experience that’s fun for everyone.  


silhouette of family walking back from the water on the beach