Popular Algarve Points Of Interest

Although commonly known for its beaches, there are still other Algarve points of interest that you can enjoy when you visit. There is plenty to do in the Algarve than just explore the sandy beaches and blue waves. For the avid travellers, when you visit try to make sure you explore some of the destinations popular attractions and points of interest.


Sea Caves


This is an extremely popular attraction for those that come on holiday to the Algarve. The sea caves can be seen up and close or from far and wide. Boat rides are available so you can get up close to admire the incredible rock formations. Alternatively, you can hop off halfway through and swim to the caves to explore them on foot. Two extremely popular caves include Benagli and Zorreira.


Zoomarine Algarve


This amusement park is an attraction for families of all ages included. Marine themed, the family can enjoy dolphin shows and make the most of the water slides for a real thrill of excitement. It truly is a great day out packed with plenty of fun, and once you feel as though you’re completely drained of energy you can pop over to Albufeira which is a popular point of interest for many tourists.


Lagos Zoo


If it’s animals that you love, there’s no better place to visit than the Lagos Zoo. It opened up back in November 2000 and has been a major attraction for tourists. It’s a haven for furry friends and embraces nature to the fullest. It’s also a place that offers plenty of education on the animals on display as well as information on the zoo itself. It also has a swimming area which can be great for the children to enjoy after walking around the zoo.


São Lourenço Church

The Algarve offers plenty of tourist attractions that boast plenty of traditional culture and another impressive Algarve points of interest is the São Lourenço Church in Almancil. It was built in the 17th century and has a beautiful display of art on show, making it one of the most attractive attractions in the region.




What you won’t be short of when visiting Algarve is the number of restaurants that are available to dine. Portugal is known for having great seafood and you won’t be short of options when you’re looking to indulge in the local cuisine. Some popular dishes include those with fish, but in particular, try the traditional dish of Cataplana or order the Bifana sandwich. You’re sure to be licking your lips after it.  

These are just a few highlights of what popular Algarve points of interest there are in the region. Be sure to include these in an itinerary when you visit.

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