Quaint Algarve Towns and Villages That Are Untouched by Tourists

Surrounded by soaring ochre cliffs, powdery golden beaches, and mesmerising crystal waters, the Algarve is a majestic place to visit. This breathtaking coastal paradise is an ever-popular retreat for locals and visitors alike.


If you want a change from the hustle and you’re looking to explore something a little quieter, The Algarve has plenty of options for you. The region is full of charming towns and cobbled villages, ready and waiting to welcome, dine and entertain you. 


These hidden gems are often overlooked when booking a sun-soaked escape, making them the perfect peaceful retreat to bask in the stunningly natural beauty that the Algarve has to offer.


To make your trip as heavenly as possible, here is a list of quaint Algarve towns and villages that are virtually untouched by tourists, offering the perfect combination of tranquillity, character and calm.



The soothing and serene atmosphere in this picturesque location will completely enchant you. Warm and welcoming, this quaint little town is known for its friendliness and is perfect for getting out and exploring the Algarve. 


In Estoi lies the ancient Roman ruins of Milreu, which is a significant vestige of the Roman occupation of the Lusitanian lands. 


This town is one where you want to take your camera along with you. Why? Here, you can 


Santa Bárbara de Nexe

Santa Bárbara de Nexe is a village in the northwest of the municipality of Faro. It is home to the captivating Igreja Matriz, one of the most stunning churches in the area. This 400-year old church can be spotted from miles away, like a shimmering white diamond nestled amongst an emerald green landscape.


The village of Santa Bárbara de Nexe is lovingly known for its tradition of playing the accordion, a custom well-preserved by its local inhabitants.


The Santa Catarina dos Gorjões Chapel (a temple of late mediaeval origin) and the windmills and ancestral water wells complement the historical and cultural heritage of Santa Bárbara de Nexe making it a trip filled with rich heritage and character.


São Brás de Alportel

São Brás de Alportel is a village surrounded by Tavira, Olhão, Faro and Loulé. São Brás de Alportel is in a private area, surrounded by woods and mountains, offering a spectacular view of the sea and the local area. This village is also full of history and culture. In São Brás de Alportel, there is also a fascinating Ethnographic Museum of the Algarve, which is fantastic to visit, brush up your knowledge and get your bearings.



Silves is a rural town in the Algarve region with around 6000 inhabitants, with charming and quirky features such as small, narrow and whitewashed houses. This town also boasts an imposing church situated next to the castle that overlooks the whole town square. 


The Castle of Silves is one of the most important historical monuments of the Algarve. The fortification has the form of an irregular polygon surrounded by a strong wall and outside the main door is a bronze sculpture of king Dom Sancho I. 


A great way to see Silves Castle and the city is from the river. Set sail for a tour from Portimão to Silves and see the beautiful city in all its incredible splendour.


Silves is a town that is unknown to most tourists who visit the Algarve, but it’s rustic and wild nature makes it a must-visit location for those looked for a break from the bustling local cities

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