Stunning Algarve Waterfalls You Need to See

Up in the Algarve mountains, you’ll find some of the most spectacular waterfalls. They’re truly some of the best things to see in the Algarve if you’re staying in the area. These heavenly natural creations make for a delightful stop-off if you enjoy a stroll in the countryside. You can even take a dip in some of the lagoons!

Many of our luxury Algarve villas are located within travelling distance of these idyllic settings. So you’re able to explore these waterfalls during your stay.


Algarve Waterfalls

Pego do Inferno

Location: Santo Estêvão, Tavira.

The waterfall here flows down into the tranquil lagoon below, a prime spot for a swim if you’re stopping by. With the colours of green reflecting off the water from the surrounding trees and the subtle sounds of nature, this gem of a location offers a peaceful adventure in the Algarve. Don’t let the name deter you from visiting one of the best Algarve waterfalls. 

Vigario Falls

Location: Alte.

Up towards the hills in a village called Alte, just 22 km from Albufeira or 25 km from Loulé, you’ll find the locally famous Vigario waterfall. The waterfall drops 24 metres to the lake below, which is often full of tourists and locals wanting a dip in this swimming spot. You wouldn’t believe how close you are to all of these wonders while on your stay in the Algarve. 

Penedo do Buraco

Location: Monchique, Faro.

This is one of the Algarve waterfalls that is slightly more challenging to get to. But who doesn’t love a challenge? Well, this is definitely worth the walk. You can make the most of the sights on your way to the Penedo do Buraco waterfall, with panoramic views of the Algarve coast. 

Although there is no lagoon like the previous waterfalls we have covered, this is still a fantastic sight to behold as the water crashes down the face of the mountain. It’s another extraordinary natural creation that can be added to the Algarve’s long list. 

Cascada de Barbelote

Location: Monchique, Faro.

With easy access from the Vale de Largo – Barbelote road, anybody can visit this wonderful place. This waterfall is perhaps the most striking one in the Algarve, with its sheer size and amount of water flow. You can watch the water appear from the mountain’s stream, come toppling over the edge and plummet below. There’s just something special about relaxing with the distant sounds of falling water. 


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