Top 10 Places in Algarve For Families To Go

For a low-down on the top 10 places for families to go in the Algarve, you’ve come to the right place. It’s an extremely popular destination for families to come to so they can get away from their hectic lifestyle and enjoy Sun and beaches for a long period. Based on the Portuguese coastline, it’s blessed with the best scenery and luxurious beaches for the whole family to enjoy. The temperatures can reach up to almost 30 degrees celsius in the peak Summertime, so be sure to book wisely. Here’s an idea of the top 10 places in Algarve for families to go when you reach.




Lagos is a chilled and pleasant city where families can enjoy great scenery on the cobbled streets and high rise walls. It has many tourist attractions including The Museu Municipal which opens from 10am, showcasing roman mosaics and historical features. There’s also a beach that stretches for miles, so you’re never worried about finding a spot.




Portimao is well known for the rocky beaches that border the coastline. It’s a great place to meet other holiday goers and explore the rock formations in the small caves. If you wish to get really up and close, boat rides are available that go out to the rocks to get a first-hand experience of their beauty.




Tavira is located on the eastern side of the Algarve and is one for those who are looking to really get away from the busy environments. It’s a rather quiet town that is flooded with cobbled streets.  It’s also home to the castle which offers great views from up high. You also have the option to visit the local museum to get clued up on a bit of cultural knowledge.




This is a rather popular destination for most families due to the cheap packages that you can get to the town. More of a party scene, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy packed with plenty of tourists. An attraction for kids is the Algarve water park as well as pirate shows and pools that are on site. It’s no wonder its within the top 10 places in Algarve for families to go.




Sagres is an isolated village that really gets you away from the noise. There are plenty of quiet cafe’s and bars that you can enjoy some quality family time at and is essentially the complete opposite atmosphere to Albufeira. There are fishing harbours and cliff tops to embrace the terrific scenery that it offers too.




Similar to other destinations in the list, Carvoeiro also offers beaches and high cliff tops for the family to enjoy. However, due to the size of the town the beaches tend to get packed rather quickly so it’ll be an idea to get there early. They also have pushchair access which is useful if you have small children.




Located close to Lagos, Luz is a rather popular destination for British tourists. This is mainly because of relaxing atmosphere that it has compared to Albufeira. It’s filled with plenty of cafe’s and restaurants for you to get stuck into the local cuisine in and it also provides boat trips to see the local dolphins and caves.




This is a destination that may not be familiar to most, but Almancii still offers plenty to explore and do for families. It boasts magnificent architecture and plenty of beaches to enjoy. The Igreja de São Lourenço de Matos is a church located in the region which has an excellent interior design that is truly breathtaking.




As the capital of the Algarve, Faro never disappoints. It has plenty of tourist attractions including the local fish market, Gustav Eiffel and Trem Gallery of Municipal Art. There islands around the area that can be easily reached by boat, covering the area with golden sand and can be great to embrace in such a quiet area. It had to be included in the top 10 places in Algarve for families to go.


Olhos de Agua


Last but not least, the small fishing village of Olhos de Agua is located about 7km from Albufeira. The beach located in the area is relatively small but still boasts clear blue waters and plenty of rock pools. Roman ruins are based at the Museu Cerra da Vila in Vilamoura to the east of the village and there are impressive cliffs to explore towards the east.

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family holding hands on the beach near the ocean