Top 5 Algarve Michelin Star Restaurants

A food experience is becoming more and more important as holiday makers now plan their trip with their bellies in mind and local cuisines have become one of the main and most important tourist attractions. The Algarve’s reputation as a destination for food lovers is growing. The abundance of fresh quality and local produce from the sea has enticed some of the best chefs in Europe to the country. For those that desire a travelling experience of high-end cuisines, here are the top 5 Algarve Michelin star restaurants renowned for their opulent dining experiences.


What can you get out of an Algarve Michelin Star Restaurants experience?

Visiting a Michelin star restaurant is a great way of celebrating being on holiday as well as being able to enjoy the best food your destination has to offer. It’s not often we get to experience the true meaning of fine dining so what better time to do it than when on holiday? Fine dining may be an acquired taste for some, but an eye-opener for others.


Vila Joya at Hotel Vila Joya

Offering lunch and dinner, Vila Joya should be on the top of the list for an Algarve Michelin star restaurant choice. Austrian Chef, Dieter Koschina focuses on high quality produce such as the lobster, crayfish and turbot that he purchases daily of the local fishermen, and the caviar and truffles he sources from the international food markets and farmers. Head down on a Thursday for Koschina’s famous gala dinner that serves up a staggering eight-course cuisine.



Translating to “taste” in English, Gusto offers a Mediterranean style dining experience. Crafted by one of Europe’s most respected three-Michelin star chefs, Heinz Beck, the innovative menu takes on classic Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist. The restaurant features an exciting open kitchen and a Cuban cigar menu to enjoy on the alfresco terrace with views of the infinity pool. For a truly authentic experience, choose between the five and seven-course meal options that are carefully paired with quality wines for a true taste of the Algarve.


Restaurante Bon Bon

Renowned for being one of the best Algarve Michelin star restaurants, Bon Bon offers a relaxed dining experience with a succession of imaginative, tasty dishes, from tiny bites of succulent crispy chicken skin, to the lobster with sweetcorn, egg yolk and ginger, each ingredient comes together to create a beautiful harmony of art on the plate and an explosion of flavours within the mouth.


Restaurante Ocean

This is the second Algarve Michelin star restaurants to have been rewarded with two stars, belonging to the five-star resort and spa. With every aspect from the décor to the presentation and the surrounding views, it’s fine dining, elegance and sophistication is enough to dazzle anyone. The mastermind behind this culinary journey is Austrian Chef, Hans Neuner who presents a unique take on traditional favourites and exotic recipes.


Willie’s Restaurante

Located in Vilamoura, this Algarve Michelin star restaurant has been rewarded a star every year since 2006. Born in Germany, Willie Wurger has left an impressive trail of Michelin stars across the Algarve. Willie’s menu specialises in a central European cuisine and he prides himself on his hand-made seafood ravioli in an irresistible Vermouth cream sauce. The food is accompanied by an impressive wine menu of some of the best wine Portugal has to offer.


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