Traditional Gifts From Portugal Your Friends Will Love

When you go on holiday, picking out special gifts which your friends and family will love is something that can be fun and exciting to find. But, how many times have you bought something thinking that it was an authentic and local gift, only to find that it has been mass produced and made somewhere else? There are many traditional gifts from Portugal which you can buy for your friends that are made only in certain regions or by craftsmen and producers, so here are just a few to keep an eye out for during your next getaway.


Portuguese Wine

Portugal is the top port producer in the world and there are many different varieties to choose from. You can buy port from almost everywhere where wine is sold in Portugal, but the best place to learn about and enjoy the port before buying in the Douro Valley, where it is traditionally produced. If you, or your friends, aren’t a fan of Port, then there are also some wonderful Portuguese rosé or vinho verde, which is green wine, to choose from if you want to buy traditional gifts from Portugal.


The Rooster of Barcelos (Galo de Barcelos)

The Rooster of Barcelos is a brightly coloured cockerel and is the unofficial national image of Portugal. You can find the Barcelos rooster on almost every kind of souvenir, from tea towels and t-shirts to mugs and post cards. However, many of these items are mass-produced and are not locally made. If you want something that is genuine, then look for local craft stores, particularly in Lisbon or Porto.

Cork Products

You will find cork gifts all over Portugal, whether on street stalls, in souvenir shops and in malls. Portugal is the largest cork producer, so anything which has cork will be one of the most traditional gifts from Portugal that you can buy. You’ll find all manner of products which are made from cork, so there is something that should suit everyone, from tote bags, wallets, necklaces and even umbrellas. Be sure to check with the seller, though, that the cork is traditional Portuguese cork, as some gifts are made in other countries.