Loule Market: Everything You Need to Know

Loule is a traditional Portuguese market town and one of the most popular day trip destinations of the central Algarve region. It’s boastful and characterful historic centre, lively market and traditional Portuguese atmosphere attracts visitors year on year keeping the small town alive. When visiting the Algarve, then a trip to the Loule market is a must on the to-do list.

Why Visit Loule Market?

Portugal is one of the few remaining European countries that still operates functional produce markets. The focal point of Loule is the Arabic inspired market, with outdoor and indoor stall selling local produce, fresh fish and regional handicrafts. The market is surrounded with busy shopping streets and a warren of medieval alleys and beautiful traditional houses that make for a great day out.

When to visit Loule Market

Loule Market is open Mon- Saturday from 7am to 3pm although the best time to visit Loule is on a Saturday morning when both markets are held.

Although Loule is normally a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, the town comes alive on Saturday mornings when the daily market expands to include a farmer’s market which spills onto the surrounding streets with fresh local produce. It is worth getting there early as many of the fresh food and fish stalls will start to pack up as soon as their produce is sold.

Also held on Saturdays is a bustling and chaotic gypsy market which is held close to the Convento Do Santo Antonio, on the western side of Loule.

On Sundays, the market is closed, and the town has little going on. If you wish for a peaceful visit to Loule, consider Tuesday to Friday.

The Gypsy Saturday Market

The weekly market is a significant aspect of Portuguese culture, and the Loule Market is the largest and best in the Algarve region. It is widely touted as one of the best attractions of Loule.

The market is designed for the Portuguese who are seeking a bargain and tasty street food, which is a great way to try something new on your Algarve holiday and immerse yourself in true Portuguese culture.

The Farmers Market

As you enter the market, you are immediately struck by the wonderful colours, sights and scents which are all around you, as well as an array of dazzling stalls and products to entice you.

The Portuguese are rightly proud of their heritage and culinary delights and many of the products are home-made or locally made for very reasonable prices. Each stall in the market is a taste before you buy so you know exactly what you are getting.

One of the main sights and smells in the market is the amazing range of fresh fish. All the fish is locally caught, although depending on the time of it may be from further afield like Norway however this will always be labelled.

As well as the abundance of delicious food, local art and crafts sit alongside the fresh produce such has beautifully hand painted honey jars which would make for the perfect souvenir of your Algarve holiday.

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