The Best Portuguese Food To Try When On Holiday In The Algarve

There is certainly no shortage of reasons as to why you should visit the Algarve, but as well as the stunning coastline and wonderful weather, the Algarve actually has an amazing culinary reputation. During a stay on the Algarve, you’re likely to have many opportunities to try some traditional Portuguese dishes and it is likely that the food you eat here will make your holiday all that more memorable. 

Whether you are looking for fine, Michelin-star dining experiences or just want to try fresh and local food, you’re bound to find something special when it comes to Portuguese cuisine. If you’re looking for an authentic experience when it comes to trying the best that Portugal has to offer, here are some of the best Portuguese food that you need to try whilst on holiday. 

Frango da Guia

You will likely see this staple dish on offer all over Portugal, but Frango da Guia is a wonderfully spicy chicken dish and it actually originated in the Algarve, so if you’re looking for traditional Portuguese food to try, then this dish is a must! Frango da Guia is said to have hailed from Guia, and each restaurant is said to have their own take on this classic. Some places insist on marinating the chicken in advance, whereas others cook it on a grill and cover it in sauce afterwards. 

Cataplana de Marisco

Portugal is famed for its fresh seafood, and for many people, is a highlight of their holiday on the Algarve! If you love fresh seafood, then Cataplana de Marisco is perhaps the best Portuguese food to try whilst visiting the Algarve. It is a dish which celebrates the best that the sea has to offer, containing clams, squid and lobster and any other fresh seafood which is on offer that day. Usually, the fish components are fried with white wine, tomatoes and herbs, creating a delicious sauce as a result. 


Should you need a break from the seafood during your Algarve holiday, or are just curious as to what else traditional Algarve dishes have to offer, then why not head inland and look for other Portuguese food to try whilst you are here? Javali is a wild boar dish and is something which is very popular out of the popular tourist areas. It is a dish which is very rich and flavourful – great with soft, fresh bread!

Doce Fino do Algarve

In Portugal, you are never too far away from a sweet treat! When looking for Portuguese food to try, many people forget about the delicious sweets that Portugal is famous for, and Doce Fino do Algarve is perhaps one of the most popular. Doces Finos are small marzipan treats made from almond paste, which are shaped into different forms and are a point of pride in the Algarve. The origin of these delicate sweet treats dates back to Moorish times and everyone who visits the Algarve should try them. Why not take some home with you too? They make a great gift