Things to Do in Loule

Are you looking for some things to do in Loule? You’ll be pleased to know that there is so much to explore in this gem of a city. From quaint markets to incredible carnivals, it makes for a perfect stay in the Algarve. 


Where is Loule in Portugal?

Loule is a traditional market town located to the north of Faro, in the Algarve. Its rich history and traditions make for a delightful place to explore. 


What to do in Loule

Here are some of the top things to do in Loule. Let’s dive right in:

Loule Carnival

Loule Carnival is one of the biggest events on the Portuguese Calendar, having been running for over 100 years, every year. If you’re lucky enough to be in Loule during the three-day festival then you must experience the delights of this tradition. The centre of Loule is all pedestrianised for the carnival, like one big street party. You can join in with the dancing or just watch and enjoy the grand costumes along with the beats of samba music. 

Visit Loule market

Loule market attracts visitors year in and year out, from locals looking to buy produce to tourists itching to explore this magnificent attraction. It needs to be on your to-do list if you’re looking for things to do in Loule. The area is bustling on market days, and it certainly warrants a visit. You can delve into the indoor and outdoor stalls to find fresh local produce and handicrafts. If you want to learn more, then take a read of our blog ‘Loule Market: Everything You Need to know’.

Explore its wineries

Loule features a number of superb wineries nearby, including one that has belonged to the same family from the 1500s until 2011 when new owners took over the reins and regenerated the properties. This winery is called Quinta da Tôr and provides fantastic wine tasting and tours of their grounds. 

The Algarve has received lots of recognition over the years for its excellent wineries, with perfect conditions for growing grapes there’s no wonder they’re so great! 

Loule Castle

Loule Castle, or Castelo de Loule, was built in the late 2nd century by Afonso III and has a rich history to delve into. The castle underwent restoration in the 19th century keeping it in good condition since two earthquakes that caused it significant damage. Although you’re unable to access the towers themselves, you are free to explore the castle’s walls.

Artcatto Art Gallery

Explore the mesmerising artwork showcased at the Artcatto Art Gallery. Here you’ll find a range of unique and exceptional artistic masterpieces, with some available to purchase. If you’re a fan of art then this is definitely a place worth visiting in Loule. 


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