Top 5 Golf Courses Around Vilamoura

If you’re looking for the best golf courses around Vilamoura then Dom Pedro Golf is up there with one of the most distinguished golf tourism markets in Europe. Turning Vilamoura into the best golfing destination in Portugal, Dom Pedro offers five world-class championship courses spelling a new age for golfers travelling to Vilamoura.

Why are the Golf courses around Vilamoura so popular?

Portugal is renowned for being one of the top golf destinations in the world. With most of the top golf courses around Vilamoura and the Algarve, the number of people visiting Portugal for a golfing vacation is increasing significantly each year.

With an ideal climate that allows you to play all year round, along with a wide variety of beautiful courses, exceptional hospitality and great food, it is no wonder the region is a golfer’s paradise. Vilamoura is the most luxurious and well-equipped areas for playing golf providing you with fairways with cliffs, lakes and bunkers and a high standard of holes.


The Victoria Golf Course

At the time of creation, the Victoria Golf course was considered as one of the most ambitious golf projects Portugal had ever witnessed. The course was designed by the true golfing legend, Arnold Palmer and there is no doubt that it has lived up to such legendary status. Covering almost 90 hectares of land, the venue is one of the most complete complexes in Europe and is an obvious choice for many of the top international tournaments like the Portugal Masters and the World Cup Championship.

With a layout that presents a challenge for even the most experienced of players, the Victoria Golf course quickly became one of the best golf courses around Vilamoura.

The Old Course Golf Club

Situated in the heart of Vilamoura, The Old Course Golf Club is one of the first established layouts in the region and highly respected within the golfing community. Known internationally for its layout and exquisite clubhouse, The Old Course is managed to ensure environmental protection practices are strictly adhered in order to preserve the magnificent layout for future generations.


Pinhal Golf Course

Opened in 1976, this is the second golf course to call Vilamoura home. One of the most outstanding features of this course is the panoramic view provided from the clubhouse which extends over the driving range. It’s veranda offers the perfect setting for post-golfing relaxation where you can enjoy a refreshing beverage in the sun.  

Laguna Golf Course

Laguna is located on the coast of Vilamoura and known for being one of the most stunning golf courses around Vilamoura, sitting alongside a row of lakes making the game scenically very attractive. The course has earned its reputation as being unique offering many water hazards and few trees.


Millennium Golf Course

Opening in 2000, the course contributed significantly to the status that deems the region to be on of Europe’s most visited and most loved for golf. The many water hazards make for an interesting and challenging game of golf.  

Some holes are situated between pine trees and more wooded areas and the fairways are narrower and require greater accuracy whilst the rest of the course has a clear landscape enriched by lakes to make for an interesting and exciting game of golf.

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