Shopping in Albufeira: Discover the Best Areas to Shop

Albufeira is one of the largest, liveliest and energetic of all the resort towns in Portugal. It provides stunning beaches, glorious climate and a vast selection of delicious restaurants, stunning views, golden coastlines and a buzzing nightlife; there is so much to love about Albufeira that it comes as no surprise that the once quiet and peaceful fishing village has been transformed into the Algarve’s most popular holiday destinations. One of the most fun things to do on your Algarve holiday is shopping in Albufeira. Here is everything you need to know about shopping in Albufeira;

Why go shopping in Albufeira?

The best thing about shopping in Albufeira is the opening hours. From early morning till late in the evening, the shops are open. Whether you are looking for a unique handcrafted object, something to wear before hitting the beach, or to splash some cash in designer stores, Albufeira shopping holds the solution for each taste and budget.  

After a wonderful day enjoying the lovely beaches in Albufeira and experiencing some of the best activities with family or friends, there is always room for a little shopping, especially if you want to take away a souvenir.

Where to go shopping in Albufeira?

Largo Eng Duarte Pacheco central square is the seat of the most popular shops in the city. Nearby are shops of popular brands as well as unique stores and souvenir specialities. This downtown square is the centre of attention during the summer season, as it becomes a mandatory rendezvous for locals and tourists who enjoy a bustling atmosphere, live performances, art exhibitions and other cultural activities.

Pau de Pita

This is a small shop, but it sells a collection of some of the best pottery in the city. It also makes its own food and bread making your shopping in Albufeira experience a delicious one. Of course, it helps that the beautiful pottery and fresh bread are of the highest quality.  

Street Markets and Fairs

When it comes to street markets and fairs, Albufeira has got it all. Each parish in Albufeira holds a weekly or even daily market with fresh produce and day-to-day goods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, and also regional sweets and handicraft. You can find one of these street markets all over Albufeira and they are usually open from around 6-7am until early afternoon (when the fresh produce has run out).

Street markets are some of the best places for shopping in Albufeira as they are a local tradition and hold some of the highest quality products and produce. They are also a wonderful opportunity to meet the locals and get to know the practises and traditions of such communities.

Mercado Municipal

This is a daily market, so it is a good idea to show up early for the best selection. If you have never been to a Mediterranean-style market before then you are in for a treat. You can find everything from fresh produce to seafood. Whilst shopping in Albufeira, be sure to visit this market and take in the smell and sounds of local produce and daily life. Be sure to bring cash as very few locations here take credit cards.

Avenida da Liberdade

This is one of the more modern shopping areas in the city. It starts off near the gate to the old city and includes other shopping areas nearby. This means that if you don’t like the modern offerings here, you can go to some of the older sections in the old city gate and look for something that suits your taste.

Algarve Shopping

Algarve Shopping is a big mall about 6km from Albufeira. It is recommended that you take a taxi which will cost you around 8.

This shopping mall holds everything you could possibly think of, from electrical appliances to clothing and toys and decorative objects. Amongst the 100 of stores, you can find; Zara, Pepe Jeans, Swarovski, H&M, Sephora and several other stores that provide a multitude of services such as laundry cleaning, hairdressing, banks and travel agencies.

This makes for a great day for shopping in Albufeira and is the best place to visit for food and other products if you are staying in Albufeira. We also offer luxury Algarve villas in beautiful locations such as, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura.

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