Top 10 Beaches in Europe

There is certainly no shortage of beautiful beaches in Europe, however, some are simply more beautiful than others. Discover the top 10 beaches in Europe that are perfect if you are looking for a dream holiday of tranquility and beautiful scenery.

Praia do Camilo – Portugal

Praia do Camilo is a perfect picture beach located near Lagos. As you ascend from the top of the cliffs, down the wooden steps that lead to paradise, you can enjoy an amazing view of the beautiful bay. The unique rock formation protects the beach from the wind of the azure blue ocean, allowing a calm and safe environment for sunbathing and swimming. The sea is exceptionally clean and the water takes on a gorgeous green colour that is almost transparent.

Be sure to visit the restaurant O Camilo which is located on the top of the cliffs and is what gave the beach its name. The restaurant is extremely popular among locals and serves a selection of fresh fish and delicious seafood dishes, as well as being able to enjoy its panoramic views.

Konnos Bay – Cyprus

This wonderful beach can be found just north of Cavo Greko and offers perfect swimming conditions, perfect for those will small children as there are no waves at all. Hidden at the foothills of Konnos Bay, its magnificent views, golden sands and crystal clear waters make it a must visit beach which is widely considered as one of the most scenic beaches in Cyprus.

Balos Lagoon – Greece

The famous lagoon of Balos is the most photographed beach in Crete thanks to its stunning turquoise, white sand and exotic scenery.  The sea is extremely shallow and warm making it the perfect day trip ideal for young children Beyond the rocks, the water becomes deeper and colder, yet remains super clear which is perfect for those that like to snorkel.

Praia Da Rocha – Portugal

Praia da Rocha is one of the liveliest towns of the Algarve coastline. Although it is not the destination for an immersion into Portuguese culture; it is the perfect place for lounging on the beach and having fun, as well as enjoying great food and drinks.

The beautiful beach will easily accommodate all of the summertime tourists, The beach stretches along the length or the town and there is a pleasant promenade that makes the entire beach easily accessible. Further along the coast, the sandstone cliffs hide small coves and quieter beaches which are ideal for those wishing to escape the crowds and enjoy a scenic walk.

Bournemouth Beach – UK

Nestled beneath a magnificent cliff line, the bay enjoys its own micro-climate home to some of the warmest sea temperatures in the UK. Being set so close to Bournemouth town means there is no shortage of amenities and entertainment right on the beach. There is an abundance of cafes, shops amusement arcades and an IMAX cinema which is all within a short walking distance from the beach.

Falesia Beach – Portugal

Located towards the Albufeira region, Falesia beach is protected by the beautiful red sandy cliffs that are topped with pine trees and beautiful flowers. The beach is considered as the number one beach in the whole of Portugal as travellers and locals praise it for its beauty and diversity. Falesia is the perfect destination for a long beach walk along the sea whilst watching the impressive rock formation of the red cliffs that characterize the beach.

Above the cliffs, you can find a hiking trail where you can enjoy the spectacular views that overlook the beach. Falesia beach can be enjoyed all year round and is especially wonderful at sunrise and sunset.

Fig Tree Bay – Cyprus

Fig Tree Bay is guaranteed to bring you a fun-filled day, with beautiful sands and clear shallow waters, it is the perfect location for a family day out. If you’re feeling energetic then immerse yourself into the range of water sports or snorkelling. For gentle exercise, take a stroll along the coastal boardwalk whilst stopping for cold drinks along the way.

Playa de Muro Beach – Spain

Playa de Muro is renowned for being one of the longest beaches in the Balearic Islands. The beach is divided into four different sections which boast calm and clear, shallow turquoise waters and fine golden sand. All along the beach, you can find an array of restaurants, bars, sun loungers and parasols which are available for hire.

Cala Mariolu – Italy

Cala Mariolu is one of the most precious beaches on the eastern coast of the beautiful island of Sardinia. This small gem is located just north of Cala Goloritze and is decorated with little pebbles. This beautiful beach is suitable for scuba diving and has been named as one of the best snorkelling beaches of Sardinia.

La Concha Beach – Spain

La Concha beach is, without doubt, one of the most symbolic beaches of the coastal city San Sebastian. The beach is located in the Concha Bay and is often referred to as the most beautiful city beach of Europe. Thanks to its extensive size, the Concha beach is the perfect location for long walks along the coastline.

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